What's tasty, good for you, and only takes sixty seconds to make? Oatmeal. And it's making the Yeerks more than a little crazy. Now Rachel, the other Animorphs, and Ax have a new weapon against the Yeerks. Sounds good, right?

Wrong. Because it means another trip to the Yeerk pool. And the possibility of running into Visser Three. And of not being able to get back up to the surface. The Animorphs and Ax have taken chances before and been very lucky. But this time their luck may be about to run out...


Released: March 1998
Pages: 164
Cover Art by David B. Mattingly

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  • ANIBASE: This book boasts one of the longest titles in the series. Interestingly enough, Katherine Applegate didn't make up even one title for an Animorphs book -- in fact, she didn't even make up the title for the series! Instead, editors of Scholastic would receive K.A's outline for each book and would then have to rack their brains to come up with something that not only fit the book, but also sounded good when prefaced with a "The"!
  • The newly discovered weakness for the Yeerks through the use of Oatmeal is apparently a one-shot deal, and is never touched or exploited upon in the book series again. However, the Gleet Biofilters seem to have been a hit, because they end up sticking around at every entrance in the Yeerk Pool until the end of the series.
  • McDonald's Restaurants, an international corporation that operates in 119 countries, with 31,000 locations worldwide, is part of the secret invasion with the Yeerks to take over the world. The secret password to get into the Yeerk Pool is to order a Happy meal "with extra happy".

    Order it, see how far you get.


ANIBASE: In this book we meet poor, unfortunate George Edelman. His life was shot to heck when the Yeerk that controlled him went insane. Thinking he had nothing to live for now that the world sees him as a crazy person. Edelman felt that he had no choice left but to commit suicide. But Rachel and the others save Edelman and, thanks to his information, discover a new way to attack the Yeerks.

Jake Mole.
Rachel Mole.
Cassie Mole.
Marco Mole.
Tobias Mole, and Bat.
Ax Mole.
Visser Three Winged Porcupine.

Unnamed Winged Porcupine
Visser Three morphs this alien with vast, leathery wings, five-foot-long quills, and a head elongated forward and back.

Gleet BioFilter
A device that the Yeerks installed at all entrances to the Yeerk Pool. It destroys all life forms whose DNA pattern isn't entered into the computer.

Bat waste. Not much fun to wade in. Just ask the Animorphs.

Hunter Robots
Shiny metal orbs about the size of beach balls, these machines fly around the top of the Yeerk Pool and fire at unwelcome visitors.

Instant Maple and Ginger Oatmeal
A substance highly addictive to Yeerks, that when ingested allows them to live without Kandrona Rays -- but with a high price: After eating too much of the oatmeal, the Yeerk becomes insane.

Osmosis Nodes
All over their bodies, the Yeerks use these nodes to absorb Kandrona and other nutrients.




The morph for this book was also animated by David B. Mattingly, as part of the Sanctuary Screensavers. These were exclusive to all fans of the club for a limited amount of time.

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A big credit to Jeff Sampson for helping build and write the Anibase, which provided much of the inside information towards the series.

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