It's time for our next mission and it's up to you to decide whether you want to join us. You probably already realize that each mission - each battle - could mean infestation, or worse. You probably already realize that we win about as many as we lose. But we are managing to hold the Yeerks back, and one more person could make all the difference.

Just so you know, there are going to be a lot of decisions to make. The right answers keep us alive. The wrong ones -- well that's pretty obvious. So what do you think?

Are you ready to be an Animorph?


Released: March 2000
Pages: 105
Cover Art by David B. Mattingly

Front Cover (Hi-Res)Front Cover





  • The Alternamorphs were a spin-off series that had no actual effect on the continuity of the storylines in the Animorphs books. These books were taken from the same idea as the Goosebumps: Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books. They put you (the reader) into the perspective as the new Animorph who joins the team. At the end of each chapter, you are given 2-3 choices, with each choice leading to a different scenario, and ultimately a different outcome.
  • Wikipedia: This book loosely follows the plots of Animorphs books #20: The Discovery, Megamorphs #2: In the Time of Dinosaurs and #26: The Attack. The book narrates from your point of view, as a sixth Animorph, and you are able to choose your morphs as the story progresses.

    Like all gamebooks, the choices you make cause different endings. One of the splits in the story involves Cassie being killed and Rachel forcing you to promise not to meddle. If you refuse, the others will force you to stay in a fly morph and become a nothlit and you will die. Unlike other gamebooks, if you make a decision that causes you to die, the 'failure' page will refer you to the page that allows you to choose another action. Notes are written in bold text at the bottom of certain pages.



Any new morphs, characters, or terms mentioned in here are not significant to the overall story of the Animorphs series.







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