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These were monthly columns that were held by Scholastic. Fans would send in questions to K.A. Applegate, and the Official Website would post them at the end of month with K.A's reply. Fans could either send their letters to K.A through an email form or through snail mail at:

K.A. Applegate, c/o Scholastic, 555 Broadway, New York, N.Y., 10012.

April 1999


Dear K.A. Applegate,
I'm wondering if you are making a book about the Taxxons. You have the Andalite Chronicles and the Hork Bajir Chronicles. But why don't you make a book called the Taxxon Chronicles.
One of your favorite fans,

Hi, Jayme:
Actually, I just finished a book that will be called VISSER, which will tell the story of how Visser One, (Marco's mom) first arrived on Earth, first set about infesting humans, and so on. But I believe I will write a TAXXON CHRONICLES later, down the road. I thought I might pick up the story of Arbron.


Hi K.A.! I've got some Questions I need to know the answers to.
1) DO the Iskoort meet the Yeerks in some upcoming books?
2) Are there more than one of the Ellimist? Sometimes he says 'I' and sometimes 'we'. How many are there?
3) Is there really a web page for "Yeerk"?
Thanks a lot, bye!
-Fire lizard (fake name)

Hi, Lizard:
What? Fire Lizard isn't your real name? That's probably good. Your parents would have a lot to answer for.
1) Could be, but no plans right now.
2) Ahhh, that is the question that will some day be answered when I get around to doing an ELLIMIST CHRONICLES. Short answer: don't know.
3) Sure. And what's annoying is that they have all these ads for Plus links to Celine Dion web sites, which I don't really understand.


Would you PLEASE answer my Questions? I've tried 12 times !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Q1: Why can't Visser Three be Visser One since he has an Andalite body? I mean he just goes FWWAPPP!!!!! and POOF! Visser One has now become sushi.
Q2: What happened to the female Helmacrons ? Were they defeated by the male Helmacrons?
Q3: Is there a morph limit ?
Q4: Are the ANIMORPHS capable of dying ? I mean whenever they're hurt, they could just morph and then demorph.
Q5: Will David regain his morphing powers?
Q6: Why didn't Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul morph then demorph and then he wouldn't be dead?
Well that is it for now ! Bye! Thanks for answering! -Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill

Hi, Ax:
Okay, the rule is three questions, so I'll pick the first three. 1) Politics. It's all politics.
2) Ah, you are so young. (going into French accent) In ze battle of ze sexes zere are no losers, only weenairs.
3) Yes, it's 30 morphs an hour in residential neighborhoods, 60 on the highway, and in Montana you can morph as much as you want as long as it's safe.


Dear K.A.,
1.) You know in #8 the Alien Ax bites Visser Three's host body, then Visser Three leaves it? Well how come Ax didn't kill that Andalite body so Visser Three could never enter that Andalite body again?
2.) How come David left the Animorphs?
3.) How come Andalites and Yeerks have such long names like: Aximilli-Esgat-hourth-Isthill?
your #1 fan,

Hi, Bobby:
1) Because we don't just go around killing people (or aliens.) When I get questions like that it bothers me. ANIMORPHS is not about "killing." Yes, we have action, yes we have violence. But I bend over backward to iterate and reiterate that sentient life is sacred, that even killing in self-defense is a terrible thing, that violence, even in a necessary battle against evil is destructive of the perpetrator as well as the victim. We have entire books about nothing but the terrible costs of violence. ANIMORPHS is, at one level, a war story, but if I thought the message was that violence is a good thing I'd end the series. Sometimes you have to stand up to the bad guys and fight (like in Kosovo) but that never, ever makes fighting a good thing.
2) Because he was an evil little person.
3) So do humans. Mine is Katherine-Alice-Applegate.


Hi. My names Sarah. Me and my friends think your books are cool. They're the best! Here are my questions...
1) What do you do if you think someone at your school is a Yeerk?
2) In book #10, Why was the school's food blue? Ours is always green.
3) Is Ax Tobias's Uncle?
Thank you for answering my questions. You write the most awesome books!!!
From Sarah

Hi, Sarah:
1) You want to keep in mind the fact that some people are annoying or strange without necessarily being an alien. But just to be on the safe side, always wear earplugs around them.
2) It may be a difference in lighting.
3) Yes, he is.


You did not answer my last letter. I know why. You are busy. That is ok. These are my questions.
1. What are Alternamorphs or whatever they are called.
2. What do Ax and Tobias do when they find out they are related.
3. My friend has gone crazy. He thinks he is a Yeerk. And tries to attack every chance he gets. What should I do?
Thanks! By the way you sound alot like the Animorphs when you answer peoples letters. You know same sense of humor! No offense.
Signed Christina

Hi, Christina:
1) ALTERNAMORPHS is a choose-your-own-adventure style of book. 2) What any two people do who are related: attend family reunions, go to barbecues at each other's house, say snotty things behind each others' backs, you know.
3) Next time your friend tries to "attack," suggest to him that you'd much prefer some flowers.


Dear K.A. Applegate,
Hi, I really love your books. I have all of them. Including, MM1, MM2, The Andalite Chronicles, The Hork- Bajir chronicles, Meet the stars of Animorphs (even though it's not one you written.) I have one question for you. In several of your books you said Andalites are the ultimate fighting machines. So why don't the Animorphs morph Ax? Visser Three thinks they are Andalites so, it would throw off any ideas that they are humans. Thank you for your time.
Myrriah *******
#1 Fan!!!!!!!

Hi, Myrriah:
Well, there are three reasons.
One, it might make Ax a bit uncomfortable being surrounded by genetic duplicates of him. Imagine being in a hall of mirrors while you fight.
Two, even though one fighting machine is really great, it doesn't mean it does everything well. For example, an Andalite's arms are weak and if you needed something to be picked up or thrown or carried you'd be far better off with a gorilla.
Three, having only one morph would allow the Yeerks to adjust their tactics. A multitude of morphs requires a multitude of responses and defenses.


Dear Ms. Applegate,
I'd like to thank you for your wonderful books which encourage many kids to read. I'm a kid myself. I like your books because (one, I'm a sci-fi fanatic) they're exciting and fun and cool! Anyway, here are my Q's.
1) Are the Animorphs (and all other related books) the only books you are writing at this time. If yes, name the other books.
2) In book #16, I would like to say that you gave a hint to Jake's age, pretty much hinting the others. In a conversation, Jake's Mom comments on his behavior, saying that being a his teen instincts have finally kicked in. Jake says, "Yeah." That means he could be 13-16. By 16, teen instincts have already kicked in. The others must be around that age.
3) Do you have a husband and/or any kids?
I hope number three wasn't too personal. You don't have to answer it. Well, thanks! I love your books!

1) At this time I am also writing a new series (from Scholastic) called EVERWORLD. It's more fantasy, less science fiction. The characters have actual last names (!) and specific ages, and are presumed to be a couple of years older than the Animorphs. EVERWORLD will come out in late June. I really believe every reader who likes ANIMORPHS will like EVERWORLD. At least, I hope so. Now, also on bookstore shelves is a series I wrote several years ago called MAKING OUT. Actually, it was called BOYFRIENDS/GIRLFRIENDS originally but now, much to my embarrassment, it's called MAKING OUT. Anyway, I wrote the first 8 books of that series, and I don't think ANIMORPH readers would be particularly interested in it.
2) You have to bear in mind the possibility that the narrators are deliberately messing with your head.
3) Yes.


You know how when the Animorphs morph into smaller animals their body mass goes into Zero-Space. Well where do they get the body mass when they morph into big animals????????????
Your #1 fan,

Hi, A.J.
Additional body mass is actually drawn from NFL players who graciously donate . . . No? Okay, try this: additional body mass is drawn directly from a herd of hippopotomi, which, of course, explains the existence of pygmy hippos. Or not. Okay, here's the real answer: black holes suck mass into and through z-space. A certain amount of mass is thus always in transit through z-space and can be drawn into the vacuum created by morphing a large animal. Go ahead, try that out on your physics teacher and see if he/she buys it.


Dear K.A.A.
I own and have read all of the Animorphs books, but I'm a little curious on a couple of subjects.
1. In book 18 it says that it's possible to get DNA from blood, so why didn't the Animorphs, in Megamorphs 2, not just use the blood from the T-rex for their morphs?
2. I heard from somewhere (here maybe) that you might add a new character to the book series, would it be a boy or a girl?
3. Now just to tell you I do love the series, so how many more Animorphs books are you going to come out with?
Thanks so much for reading my questions.
Kirin J.L.

Hi, Kirin:
1) That would be because sometimes the Animorphs just don't think of something. I try and tell them. But sometimes they go a little stupid.
2) I'm thinking again about this idea. I just don't know which way to go on it. On the one hand it would be fun for me to create a new character. On the other hand, on a sort of technical level, it's hard to keep six characters in play, let alone seven. It's a definite possibility but certainly not until we're in at least the mid-40's in terms of book numbers. If I do go with a new character I think it will most likely be a girl.
3) I am contracted to write up through #54, as well as three more Chronicles and three more Megamorphs. Beyond that, I can't say. I guess we'll have to see.


Hi! My name is AJ. I was wondering if one of the Animorphs can can acquire lets say an ant eater morph by acquiring let's say Marco already in the anteater morph. Hi, AJ: Nope. Don't know why, it's just a quirk of the technology. --KAA Dear K.A.
Here's some questions that have been plaging me for a long time: 1) Why is Ax always left out of the Animorphs? I mean, like, why do all the backs of the books say "The Animorphs and Ax"? He is part of the team. . .isn't he?
2) Are you ever going to write another hard cover book like the Hork-Bajir Chronicles?
3) How do you pronounce Visser?
Please answer, I really gotta know!

Hi, Larissa:
1) That's a very good question. I think someone just started doing that early on and it stuck.
2) Yep, I am working right now on the VISSER CHRONICLES which will be hardcover and will be the story of the early years of the Yeerks on Earth. It will star Marco's mom and Visser Three.
3) Visser rhymes with kisser.


Hi, I know you get a lot of letters, but I've sent you one several times and would like to know this question:
You said in the Andalite Chronicles that Andalite warriors had implants in their heads to understand other races. If Elfangor and Arbron had them, and they were only Arisths, then Aximili would have one too, right? So how can he morph anything as small as a fly, ant, cockroach, flea, or spider?
Thanks for your time,

Hi, Emily:
Well, Arbron and the young Elfangor were of a previous generation. Ax is younger. Technology marches on . . . Why, I remember when I was young we didn't have all this shopping on the Internet stuff. No, sir, we had to go to bright, colorful stores and pick up a muffin on the way. And if what we wanted wasn't in a store we had to rely on catalogs and it took only a half second to turn the pages, whereas now you can sit comfortably in your chair waiting for a minute and a half for a grainy picture of a blouse to load up. . . Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, technology marched on and now the implants are as small as an individual cell. (Thought you had me there, didn't you?)


Dear K.A.A.
We have 40 books. We would be pleased if you answered some questions for us.
1. What is the Alternamorphs mainly about?
2. Is there really going to make a Animorphs movie?
3. What happened to David?

Hi, No Name:
1) Alternamorphs is a choose-your-own adventure book.
2) Not that anyone has told me. Of course if Steven Spielberg calls us up, I'm sure we'd love to discuss it with him. Are you listening Mr. Spielberg? Hello? Steve?
3) David is running for Congress. No, just kidding. David is still a rat on a tiny island. A bad fate for a really bad kid.


Hey K.A.
These are some questions I REALLY need you to answer:
1. If you did think of the pattern for the Animorphs, how come the Ax and Tobias books come out every 10 books when the others are every 5 books?!
2. When you started writing the Animorphs books, did you want the readers to take a closer look at animals, because it really worked for me.
3. How did you think of the names Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill, Elfangor-Sirinal-Shamtul, and Alloran-Semitur-Corass? They are great names for Andalites!

Hey, Spike:
1) Well, because when we started out we weren't sure readers would identify all that much with Ax, or, for that matter with Tobias. Obviously, we were wrong. And I am pleased to announce that we have changed the rotation. In the future Tobias and Ax will have as many books as the others. Unfortunately this won't start till we're around book #44 or so.
2) As a matter of fact that was the original inspiration. I wanted to write animal books that would help kids to really understand animals as animals, not as fuzzy cartoon creatures or whatever. So I came up with morphing, and then added the whole alien invasion thing on top of that.
3) I wanted something different. You know, in old science fiction movies the aliens are always something like "Ixilon" or "Galacton" or "Zeptron." Names ending in "on" or "tron". They never had last names, let alone middle names. So I decided we'd have three names each for Andalites and then, just to confuse everyone, members of the same family would have unrelated names.

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